Reality Check

” It is the most Shameful form of Cowardice to ‘choose not to think about that’  when victims have no choice but to suffer that which is so horrible that you can’t even stand to look at it.  The very least you owe them is to acknowledge… and weep.”               A. James

They are always on my mind…. the thousands of dear dogs who are killed in Shelters today, tomorrow, this week, this year.  Do you think that only the old and sick ones are killed?  Absolutely not true!  Do you just not think about it because it makes you sad?  What motivates humans to change things.. is pain.   It is painful to think about and painful to see – but we will only change it if we do.

In this spirit, I want to show you a great web site, Dogs in Danger (of being killed in a shelter before they are adopted). It’s a brave web site and I applaud it.   BE BRAVE.  LOOK at a tiny sampling of who was killed so far this year.  Multiply it by about 1,000.  That’s how many dogs are killed EACH DAY in shelters – country-wide.  They put on their little Bandannas. They tried to smile their best smile into the camera.  Kind arms held them and tried to give them their best chance.  But it didn’t work – here are a very few of the thousands who have been killed recently.  Click this and it will take you to Dogs in Danger:

Memorial Page.

You can also look at their Great Search engine where you can find a Life to Save!  And I am very impressed with the Transport Section that can help Bring you new Dog(s) home to you!  Don’t forget to Bookmark this Great Site… Bravo! to them for showing the TRUTH.  When did that become a novelty?  When thousands of dear dogs are being killed, how dare we be “uncomfortable” with facing it!


Dog breeds

This Sticker is available at Wagadilly’s, our Zazzle on-line store.  It’s $5.00 for a sheet of six of them.   Click the image to go there.  And use them to HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

This is what this Blog Website, the Wagadilly Times is all about….. getting tons more dogs adopted (which we believe can be helped by making it cost less to have dogs) and getting all dogs spayed and neutered!  ok, yeah… we know it’s not reasonable to hope to spay/neuter ALL dogs – but let’s aim high.  And let’s not accept lame excuses from irresponsible people who are still breeding dogs!   Until ZERO dogs are being killed in shelters, there is no excuse for breeding more dogs!  Once all dogs get placed in homes, and none are being killed, THEN they can start breeding again!   

At least we can do our part…. and Adopt whatever dogs we reasonably can care for and Spay and Neuter everyone we Adopt!

Welcome to Wagadilly …… and Good on You if you had the guts to look!

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