Dog Gates – DIY !

Pug dog

Keep your dogs in or out of certain parts of your home with ATTRACTIVE Dog Gates.   And, really, MAKE THEM YOURSELF – it’s not hard.  I assume you have a power drill (life isn’t really worth living without one and you don’t have to go overboard. There’s a $29 18 volt Craftsman that will do just fine for most everything )

Here are mine, to get you started:   dog gate

I bought Medium-quality pine planks from Lowes and TightBond Wood Glue, some Poplar bars from the “Craft Wood” part of the store, Gate Hinges, and a pair of decorative carved squares.  Glue the planks, edge to edge, when dry, I cut the curve with a jig saw but, if you don’t have one. Lowes and Home Depot will cut your planks to whatever length you want; you would have rectangular gates, instead of curved tops, but that could be nice too. On the backs of the gates are two bars per gate,  mounted horizontally and secured with glue and screws to hold everything together.  Glue on the decorative squares. Paint it all, Add the Gate Hinges and latches.. and my Dogs don’t get to be in the Kitchen except when I want them to be!

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