People Pillows

penny post

We’re advised to replace our Bed Pillows quite often – and then do what with the old ones?  Plump-up the Land Fill?  I’ve made the switch to just buying cheap ones (yes, at the Dollar Store – get over it!)  so I’m ok with getting fresh ones often.  In my house, the old pillows become Dog Cushies ( and do not go to the Land Fill).

I like to grab a few Pillow Shams at another Cheapo Fav. – the Good Will or Consignment Stores  (SO great for Dog Stuff)  Shams are usually 1 to 3 dollars at mine.  Put the two together, and I have a lovely, washable Dog Cushy.  Pillow ShamIf they do something really disgusting on it – I don’t mind then chucking it.  Also, Dog Beds sometimes need replacement stuffing.  Cut open your X-Bed Pillows and re-purpose.

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