Adoption Fees! How to Adopt a Dog for a Reasonable Fee

Rescue Dog

Kindof’ makes you crazy, doesn’t it!  One and Two Hundred dollars to Adopt a dog from a Shelter, and 10-page Adoption Forms – when we know how desperate the need is to find homes for dogs!   *** see note at the very bottom of post before commenting.
HOW TO ADOPT FOR A REALLY LOW FEE:   Adopt from a County “Pound” or “Shelter”, especially one in a poor and/or rural area.                                                      Example: Last Summer I fell in Love with Cricket when I saw her at the Facebook Page: Adopt a Shelter Dog – Save a Life. She was in a High-Kill Shelter (their Dog capacity is 16 dogs… when dog number 17 arrives, then someone is going to be killed – unless someone gets Adopted). I drove a heck of a long way – I got to the tiny Shelter, I walked in,  I signed a Form, I paid $20 Adoption Fee and $50 Spay/Neuter Deposit,  they handed me Cricket and we left.  End of story!   And the $50 Spay/Neuter Deposit is reimbursed after you have it done.

FACEBOOK PAGE THAT IS SAVING SO MANY LIVES!  ADOPT A SHELTER DOG-SAVE A LIFE      GO TO THEIR “ABOUT” PAGE>  “LONG DESCRIPTION” > “MORE” > and you can get to a GREAT STATE-BY-STATE LIST OF COUNTY SHELTERS.   Be patient and give it some effort, the Links don’t always work, try Copy/Paste if you have trouble.   SHELTERS    She is busy saving lives and might not have time to make this site fancy.                                                                                                           Some Listings have Notes and you may see that TRANSPORTATION OF DOGS is available from one State or area to another…. so it’s worth looking even at places not near you.  The Shelter that Cricket came from had this note:  “This one is a heartstick without sedation high kill shelter, animals only have days. Shelter offers free transport to Cumberland, MD or Hagerstown, MD (you have to pick up the animal there, they get there via shelter van)”                                                                                                 FYI: What’s a “heartstick without sedation” you ask?  she is telling us the method this shelter uses to kill the dogs.  One person holds the dog up and another person uses a very long syringe and plunges it between the ribs and right into the heart with the chemical that will stop the heart.  And it says that this is done without any anesthesia or sedation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ** Later we will cover: * why there has to be an Adoption Fee of some amount and why it’s not ok to place a dog for Free * Baiting * Bunchers * Back-yard Breeders * Puppy Mills  * Laboratories,  * Feeder animals, * Breed-Specific Rescues,  * Independent Rescue Organizations, and more. 

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