Keepin’ It Clean!

Pug dog

I’m  a Borderline Germaphobe… with nine dogs!  That means I do a LOT of cleaning.  And, to me, we’re not talking “clean” unless we’re using Bleach.   Apparently, Shelters agree with me; I know Bleach is usually on their list of things they need donated.   I use it for mop water, put it in spray bottles for surfaces, use in the Dog Laundry… and basically on anything else in the house that doesn’t run away!

So I really LOVE to pick up THIRTY-TWO GALLONS OF BLEACH when I go shopping…. SO SO easy to lift, and load in the car, and drag into the house.   No, really… it IS easy! Because Somebody finally grew a brain – and offers Bleach in the form of concentrated Tablets! Each tablet mixes into one Gallon of Bleach and there are 32 Tablets in each of these little five-inch tall bottles!   I used to reconstitute powdered Swimming Pool Chlorine – but this is much easier.  …. scented too!  and Phosphate Free!  By a company called EVOLVE  

$2.97  for THIRTY TWO TABLETS!  at Walmart and on line at Amazon !

EVOLVE! Ultra Concentrated Bleach Tablets
EVOLVE! Ultra Concentrated Bleach Tablets


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