HOW I TRIUMPH OVER FLEAS & TICKS: Phase Three – Under The Dogs

play pups

IN The Dogs, ON The Dogs and UNDER The Dogs.   The first Two Phases were covered in previous Articles which are Below – or you can also find them in CATEGORIES on the Right. They are under :

My Yard: Three (totally dog-proof fenced) Acres of Woods!
Dogs Lifestyle: I have a Dog Door (it’s the Key To Happiness) Dogs can race in and out as they choose, and play in our Woods (except when I leave for errands. then I shut them off from the Woods; they still have the house and the Dog Door and a nice sized yard, but it’s a much smaller section)
The Number of Fleas on My Dogs: ZERO
The Number of Ticks on my Dogs: Maybe 1 or 2 per dog per year!
Amount I Spend on Flea & Tick Prevention:  About TEN DOLLARS TOTAL PER MONTH
paw tracks

I do not love doing this, but I DO love when we go to the vet and her Summary after seeing my dog(s) says: ” This dog has no fleas.”   Yes, that I love a lot.   And living in the woods, I just don’t seem to have much choice. So I do resort to a safe brand of Yard and Garden Insecticide granules.  Remembering, that Flea Collar, Flea Powders, and even the Monthly Squirt-on-the-dog products also are insecticides.  Given the choices, I suppose putting in on the ground bothers me less than putting it on my dogs.
I choose a brand that specifically guarantees to kill fleas and ticks.  I do not bother with a garden push Spreader thing, I scatter it with a big Grain Scoop ($8 at Tractor Supply).  I use less than the instructions say.   It says to water the lawn after applying this, but I dont want to water three acres, so I plan to do it before a rain.  It says it is safe for pets after it has dried., and I have found this to be true.

You’ll find several different Brands, once you get to the correct section of Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Garden Tech calls their version Sevin – it’s been around for a long time.    GT_Granules



Bayer, the Aspirin people, offer one also                           BA-Complete-Insect-Killer-500x500.jpg.thumb_1024x1024

Make absolutely sure that what you buy says it is SAFE FOR PETS. I have never had any problem whatsoever with my dogs or other animals from this.  I hate that it says it also kills spiders; I love spiders and almost all living things.  OK, not centipedes – they’re too fast and too crawly and have too many legs… but pretty much everything else… except NOT fleas and NOT ticks.   I put it only on the ground and hope that most of my spiders stay up higher and don’t get killed.  Charlotte’s Web had a big impact on me!
So, that is How I Triumph Over Fleas & Ticks; IN the Dogs, ON the Dogs and UNDER the Dogs.  For less than $10 per month, total.  If it works with ten dogs and living in the woods, then I expect it would work for you too.




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