Sorry, Fly – You Gotta’ Die!

Dogs in Spring
It’s Spring! It really, really is.  So what do I do? I open all the doors and windows and let the Spring come in! It’s Glorious!  puppy care


In an hour or two, I realize that house flies have come it too.

Yes, I do go through this every year.
No, I don’t learn.
Yes, I probably will keep doing it on wonderful days (but I did put the screens back in the windows, however I do not have screen doors… working on that. )

I have compassion for (just about) all living things – even flies.   But I overcome my scruples (thanks for that phrase, Aunt Violet) when they bring their germy little selves into my house.  I love that I have a nice farm with horses, cows, sheep and goats next door to me, but I think that’s responsible for extra flies over here.

I hate “Flying Insect Killer” sprays.  “Hay, let’s go pay too much money for a can of toxic poison and spray it into the air in our house!”  uuummmmm…. NO !  All that poison lands on your surfaces, you know.  And it leaves an oily stain on walls.  And, worst of all, it gets inhaled by your family.  But you have to do something!

I found a really good alternative.  I LOVE this trick.  Alcohol!  Yes – you get yourself so drunk that you just don’t care anymore!  No – Kidding!  But it is Alcohol.  Just regular, CHEAP Rubbing Alcohol; only about a dollar at most stores. The 91% works better than the 70% and costs the same.  Put it in a Spray Bottle. Or, better yet, the bottle it comes in just happens to fit the common Spray Nozzle.  This way, everyone know what it is.   Fly Spray

Here’s why this is great:
– you want a spray nozzle that has some muscle!  one that can do a strong, narrow, forceful spray. The best are at Tractor Supply Company, or Garden departments of Lowe’s/Home Depot. The “kitchen” versions usually are not as strong and as long-distance as the ones intended for out doors.
– When you see a Fly – Spray a Fly.  You could probably get kids excited about doing this!  Between the force of the spray and the knock-out value of the alcohol – you shoot them to the floor. If it doesn’t kill them, it certainly stuns them.  Pick him up with paper towel, etc and flush, trash or toss him.  RIP, Mr Fly.   fly
– I like to think that he gets drunk before he gets dead; probably not as inhumane as the poisons (certainly not as inhumane to us!)
– This is the BEST part!  The alcohol will also disinfect where the nasty little guy was standing.
– And it evaporates.  So there is no stain on walls!  it doesn’t even hurt fabrics, or electronics (but don’t drench them)
– You’ll find that Alcohol is nice for general cleaning; it leaves porcelain things, like sinks, more shiny than anything else does.
And it Costs So Little !                   ENJOY YOUR SPRING!        tuplips





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