Gardening With Dogs – I CAN DIG IT!


Spring has Sprung – time to get Gardening!  And it’s sooo easy to buy-up a Jeepful of gorgeous plants at the Garden Center;  “I need 4 of those… and 10 of these…. 6 of that over there…..”   So much easier to BUY them, than it is to PLANT them!  I get home, look at a zillion pots of plants and THEN it sinks-in how much WORK it is to plant them all! 
I have a fantasy about this.  I think any place selling Plants – should also sell HOLES !  Duh !!
GardeningI can’t be the only person who’s thought of this!

Another “brilliant idea” of mine is to invent a foot-long Injector,
like a syringe for vaccinations but a foot long! Fill it with Beef Gravy,
inject it deep in the ground everywhere you need a hole for your new
plants…. and Release the Dogs on it!  Really !  They would dig the Holes!
(you laugh!  but someday someone will have this on SharkTank and will win a zillion dollars)

But the real issue with Dogs and Gardens is that they tend to dig-up everything you plant the second you turn your back.  What to do? There are “Dog Repellents” for sale in stores, but they get expensive when you need to deal with a sizable Garden… and you’ll have to replenish it several times per Summer. So, I read the ingredients and found that they are just Cayenne Pepper, for the most part.  Then, I found a cheaper way to get it!
Remember, it’s useful for more than just the Plants.  I have a friend with an Above Ground Pool, who was worried that one little nip from one of her dogs and she would have a hole in her pool. So she sprinkled the Cayenne on the ground all the way around the perimeter.

Small bottles are just $1.00 at the Dollar Store.  If you’re lucky, you can find big quantities in the International section of grocery stores.  Or, Order it from this company… FIVE POUNDS ! for $12.00  Done for the year!
cayene pepperBE CAREFUL WITH IT! Sprinkle, don’t dump. Maybe wear disposable gloves, be sure it doesn’t blow into dog’s face, or yours, do not get it near eyes or nose.


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