You’ve Got to be Shedding Me !

HoneyBear enjoying a great scratch
HoneyBear enjoying a great scratch

Time for that Winter coat to come off and to bare it all for Summer!  Have you tried a SHEDDING BLADE? Wow it makes it SO much easier!  because it’s not “bristles”  – they get so full of fur so fast it’s almost futile.  This is a blade with teeth, so the fur just floats off and you never have to be picking it out of a brush. 
Cost: Only about $5 to $10… I SHED YOU NOT !  

There are plenty for Sale on Ebay and most any Pet or Farm Supply store.
I recommend the kind that comes apart and can be used straight, as well as curved – the pictures will explain what I mean.   You’ll get no resistance from your Pooch… it’s THE BEST SCRATCH EVER!  
* scatter the fur outside – birds will use it for their nests  IMGP4002lower IMGP4000lowerIMGP4003lower


One thought on “You’ve Got to be Shedding Me !”

  1. As a dog groomer, I can tell you that most groomers don’t use shedding blades. We use slicker brushes. They remove a lot of dead hair before it hits your floor. You have to clean them frequently (remove the hair from the wire pins) but they work great. You can find short pins, long pins (for long hair), soft and hard pins.


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