Magic Powder!

Dog Treats

Ever have trouble with one of your Dogs not wanting to eat the perfectly good food that you spend money on and drag home just for him or her?  I have a solution.  Magic Powder! 

Ok, the point is you SAY it’s Magic Powder TO the dog while you use it.  Also helpful if you go on  about how Special and Expensive and Really Great it is!  Then sprinkle it on the dog’s normal food and… Voila!  the dog will ignore it… no…. the dog will now happily gobble-up the meal.
Magic Powder contains a high percentage of Parmesan Cheese…
ok… it’s pretty much totally Parmesan Cheese.
Alright… it IS Parmesan Cheese —  the cheap, generic kind, people!  NO Parmigiano Reggiano for pity sake!  It doesn’t take much – just a nice sprinkle.  dog food

It’s 8 inches long, so just Save Image > Print > and glue (school glue) onto your… uummm…. container of Magic Powder! ( it also happens to fit perfectly onto any standard size Parmesan Cheese container. )         Bone Appetit !     *** if this image doesn’t work – go to Free Downloads Page          it’s way down on the page, under the Posters.
dog treat


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