No Fleas were seen Fleeing the Scene

Dog groomersLucky me! I gave four dog baths this morning and, as usual, was pleased to see zero fleas.  Bath time is a good time to examine your doggies for bumps, lumps, scraps, scratches, rashes… and Fleas!  Look carefully at the water; fleas don’t want to drown and will usually “abandon ship” and jump off the dog. 

We’re all about Adopting Rescued Shelter Dogs and sometimes, you’re “welcoming” more than just the Dog into your home ):

When I go to pick-up a new dog, I take Flea Powder with me.  I don’t really use it at home, because I never need it. But, it’s a great thing when you’re picking-up a dog because you can not give them a bath then and there, and I don’t know that squirt-on repellents would work that fast, but fluffing some Flea Powder into their fur BEFORE I let them in my car – seems to work well.  And if I thought fleas had been introduced into my car, I would Flea Powder it, or Bomb it,  and then really air it out!
If you do have fleas, this is important!  When Bathing your Dog, the fleas can hang-out  alive  in the Drain! and come right back up and out and back into your home!  Follow-up immediately after the bath with a good splash of Bleach down the drain, or something else that will kill them.  Towels should go instantly into the Wash with Hot water and Bleach.
So, I checked the water as I did Dog Baths today and, fortunately….
No Fleas were Seen Fleeing the Scene!



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