Operation Free The Humans! “Are You Chained to Walkies?”

Is your life dictated by “got to get home to let the dogs out” or “got to get home to walk the dogs”

Do your dogs have to wait endless hours, cross-legged…. trying so hard to not have an “accident” before their parent gets home? Or, worse, stay in a crate?
If so, then I want you to * open your mind  *think outside the box  *and read on!
dog owners
First let us say: yes, dogs need exercise, yes they need activity, yes, they need to be taken for walks. We’re not suggesting that you do less of that.  This is  about ways for them to go potty without having to wait for you to come home.  And having some freedom during the day, while you’re gone.
 The first part is
If The Structure You Live In Has: a Window, a Door, a Garage, a Patio, or a WALL… then You Can Have a Dog Door!

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Do You Have
F. O. D. D.
Fear Of Dog Doors !
it’s a common affliction.   But There’s Help!
“I can’t have a dog door because I Rent my home”
Buy a replacement door.  Try your Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. At mine, most doors cost $30   Carefully remove the existing door and put it in storage for when you move out later. (YouTube will show you how).  Install replacement door, install dog door in it, and Claim Your Freedom.
“Other animals might come in!” Do not place your dog’s food close to the dog door.  If you get visits from an opossum, racoon, etc. call Animal Control to get it or (better) they will loan you a Humane Trap and you can re-locate your house guest.
“Other people’s dog/cat might come in”  Choose a dog door with an electronic “key” that your dog wears. The dog door stays closed until it senses YOUR dog.
“The only place I could have a dog door it would have to be right through the exterior wall of my house. And cutting a hole in your house is an unthinkable atrocity.” No it isn’t.  It’s drywall, insulation (which you’ll push to the side), studs (which you won’t have to bother because you dog is not 16 inches wide), OSB sheathing (like cheap plywood) which you’ll cut a hole in, and whatever your house has for siding.   Save all the pieces and you can re-do it all in about an hour – if you ever want to sell the house. (although, you’d probably find that buyers like having a dog door anyway).
“Somebody could get into my house through the dog door”… well, only if you have quite a large dog.  Dogs basically “leap” through the dog door – it doesn’t have to be as large as you might think.This (rescued) Greyhound is a very tall dog - but look at the dimension of the Dog Door! not so big.
This (rescued) Greyhound is a very tall dog – but look at the dimensions of the Dog Door! not so big.
A large dog door = a large dog. and some burglars have sense enough to know that and pass your house by.  But fortunately, most criminals are stupid (otherwise they wouldn’t be committing crimes) and it’s easy to disguise or hide a dog door.  Position a few bushes in front of it or hide it with a Dog House (whether you actually need a Dog House or not).  Even when the dog is seen exiting the Dog House, no one will know that there’s a Dog Door in the back of it.
There's a
There’s a “Through the Wall” Dog Door at the rear of the Dog House!
Specially arranged dog doors. www.halepetdoors.com
Elevated dog doors
Make it look like a Patio Storage chest
Make it look like a Patio Storage Chest
PART TWO coming soon …… Yes, you can have (at least a small) Fenced Area for your Dog….. trust us!

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