Operation Free the Humans! Part TWO “Are You Chained to Walkies?”

This is a Two-Part Article, please read Part One  (below) if you haven’t yet.
OK, so I hope we’ve convinced you that you can have a Dog Door (the Key to Dog Owner Happiness)… but what’s going to be on the other side of that door?  That’s right –  You need a Fence!

If you believed you could have one – you probably already would.  So, I’m thinking you have objections…. number one might be “too expensive”.
Give us a chance on this.  You just might end-up with a Fence, a Dog Door and a much easier life!
The Goal, at the very least, is an area attached to the Dog door where your dogs can let themselves out for potties.  Better yet if it can be large enough for some play and outdoor relaxation. dog owners
We have products, ideas, arrangements and suggestions that might change your life and your dogs’ lives much for the better.
You’re going to need a Tractor Supply Company store, or a Southern States Grain & Feed store, a Lowe’s or Home Depot will do also.
Really Low-Cost Fence possibilities:
Pet containment 1
Dog Fence 3

Stakes for fence
Dog Apron

Also consider “Exercise Pens”
Rolls of this kind of Fence are called “Horse Fence”, “Welded Wire Fence”, “Woven Wire Fence”.   Check out the prices on the rolls…. and many of them are for 100 Feet of  it!  If your House’s exterior Wall is providing one side of the fence… then one 100-roll of this could be 33 feet x 33 feet … that’s 1,111 Square Feet for you Dogs.
Your new Fence will probably also need a gate so you can get in. Please be careful! The Gate is usually the weakest point of any fence. All of these stores can also offer Gate possibilities.  If you hate digging holes for Posts and much as I do – remember, the gate “could” be mounted to the side of your house if you plan it all right.  You’ll probably still need one Post sunk for the other side of the gate.
I hope we’ve shown you some possibilities that will result in you and your Dogs having the FREEDOM of a Dog Door/Fence combination… I wouldn’t live with out it.  And, without it, I would never have been able to Save as many Dogs as I have over the years.
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2 thoughts on “Operation Free the Humans! Part TWO “Are You Chained to Walkies?””

  1. I live in the city so there’s no way around the ‘potty walk’, but this is definitely advice I’ll keep for the future. many thanks!


    1. If you can Dream of a Day when you’re Free from The Potty Walk….. you CAN Achieve it! Dream On, Potty-Walker!


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