Shopping + Saving Lives! What could be better

Have you ever seen a “Puppy Store”?  You know, those place  where you can walk in and buy a puppy.    Do you understand where those puppies come from? 
They are “farmed” by horrid people… greed-driven monsters who imprison dogs, year after miserable year,  to repeatedly have puppies for these evil breeders to sell to these “Puppy Stores”  for easy money. 
The Dogs sit in their filthy cages… usually, never ever seeing the light of day.  Pounding out puppies for the “puppy farmer” to convert into cash.   And that is what is called a Puppy Mill.
To buy from a Puppy Store… is to support Puppy Milling!  PLEASE NEVER EVER do this! If no one buys their “product” (puppies)… then, we hope, Puppy Mills will be put out of  business.
They Specialize in saving the saddest of the sad from being held captive in hell.
STARTING TODAY National Mill dog Rescue is holding an on-line auction!  Please have a look and SHOP!!
There are tons of great items for you and for your Dogs….
I especially like these particular donated items (: 

Lilly is their inspiration.  She is an example of the condition of these
Mill Dogs….
Keeping the Promise Alive
In 2007, National Mill Dog Rescue founder Theresa Strader made a promise to Lily, vowing that she would continue to rescue dogs like her. Please click here to read Theresa’s letter.

NMDR Home Page

About Lily

National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February 2007, in honor of a forgiving little Italian Greyhound named Lily. Theresa Strader, NMDR’s Founder and Executive Director, rescued Lily from a dog auction in Missouri. Prior to that day, Lily had spent the first seven years of her life as a commercial breeding dog, a puppy mill mom. Determined that her years of living in misery would not be in vain, Strader started NMDR, giving a voice to mill dogs across the country. During her years as a breeding dog, Lily spent all of her days confined to a small, cold wire cage in a dark, foul-smelling barn. Never was she removed from her cage for exercise or socialization. In her dreary confines, Lily was forced to produce one litter after another with no respite. Like all commercial breeding dogs, she was a veritable breeding machine whose worth was measured in only one way – her ability to produce puppies.
By seven years of age, Lily was worn out. Commonplace in the industry, she had received little to no veterinary care throughout her life, the result of which, for her, was terribly disturbing. Due to years of no dental care, poor quality food, rabbit bottle watering and no appropriate chew toys, the roof of Lily’s mouth and lower jaw, had rotted away. Her chest was riddled with mammary tumors and she was absolutely terrified of people. Theresa brought Lily and twelve others home from the auction and declares that even for a highly seasoned rescuer, the following months were the education of a lifetime in rehabilitation. That she would take up the cause for the mill dogs was never in question and National Mill Dog Rescue was promptly underway.
About Us
National Mill Dog Rescue pledged to put an end to the cruelty of the commercial dog breeding industry, more commonly known as puppy milling. Through rescue and education, NMDR continues in its life-saving work while enlightening the public about the truth of pet store puppies. NMDR has taken a national approach to their rescue and adoption efforts and they have rescued and placed more than 10,000 mill dogs since their inception in 2007. These dogs are now living as cherished family members across

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