Meet Jilly!


Meet Jilly… Jilly of Wagadilly!  the latest addition to the family.
As are all Wagadilly Dogs, she’s a rescue.  Her beautiful life was saved by the wonderful people of the Mineral County Humane Society.
Mineral County, WV is about three hours west of Washington, DC.  The County government doesn’t have what I’d call a “shelter”, they only have a “Pound”; a Dog Pound.
As with so many pounds and shelters, they are usually over-crowded with too many dogs – due to irresponsible and immoral  people who breed dogs on purpose, or who fail to spay and neuter all dogs they own.



I have been told that this Pound gasses the dogs to death… every Thursday.  And I am told that they don’t even try to find homes for them.  I got all up-in-arms about this when I first heard, and I looked-up the laws.  Sadly, it said that a County Pound is “a place of impoundment “, much like when a car gets impounded , and that they are not bound to try to place the dogs in homes.

But this Story has HEROESGLADIATOR 4 inches
For many years, a small group of very hard-working volunteers, The Mineral County Humane Society,  have taken what dogs they can – out of this Pound.  (FYI – in the Rescue World, this is called “pulling”… as in… “we pulled three dogs from the Mineral County Pound today”).
They foster as many as they can and do the endless work of Posting them on Facebook and Petfinder, etc., give them evaluations, spruce them up, provide medical care and… most importantly… Spay and Neuter them BEFORE letting them go to their Forever Homes!  and this is included in their SMALL and REASONABLE Adoption Fee.

They are located near where Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania all converge,  so if you are anywhere in these areas, DO consider them next time you are able to Save Another Life! and Adopt Another Dog!
In the meantime, PLEASE  DONATE TO THEM!  I personally can validate they they are doing a wonderful job – in a horrible situation.



2 thoughts on “Meet Jilly!”

    1. NO!! I Adopted her – she’s my doghter! I got her from The Mineral County Humane Society – there’s a link to them in the post – click on the little sign I put there. Gotta’ get your own gorgeous Rescue girl (:


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