Custom Dog Food Bin – Love it!

THIS changed my life.  Custom made specifically to the dimensions of the space I had – and for the amount of kibble I wanted to store (lots!).   To get one made for you – whether large, small or something in between,  contact  Heritage Tables & Wood Craft  at

Custom Dog Food Bin

They not only make the Bin, but also will fashion whatever you want for the label!  So it could be a picture of your dog, or a saying, or any design, art,  or it could be the same as mine.   They will also stain it and/or paint it – whatever you want.
It’s on Wheels!  So when I bring home a 50 pound bag a Kibble I wheel this bin over to the door and dump it in right there, rather than carrying the weight of the bag all across the house.  Then roll it back where it lives.   It could also hold canned food, there could be a drawer for bowls or treats – anything you choose.
Mine is large – 2 feet tall and 16 inches square.  If painted or stained it would have been $130.
With the printed and mounted full color “label” it was $150.
top2 top knob     Custom Dog Food Bin






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