Dog Portraits: Fido into fine Art

Ya’ got your Labradoodles and Goldendoodles… what about a Yankee Doodle?
This is Athena – and here you can see how I transform a regular, not-too-interesting photo of your dog – into Fabulous Fine Art!

yankee doodle framed Low Res Watermarked
You send me a photo of your Dog (or any pet, or horse, or your Farm, House, whole Family – whatever)
I isolate your Dog from the background and brighten and neaten her/him, as needed
Athena neatened brightened and isolated
I add some techniques to apply brush strokes and make it more of a painting, and less like a photo
Athena close up
I make the Background for your piece; we can decide together what this will be or you can leave it up to my imagination.
I like to discretely put in your Dog’s Name and maybe the date. This can be with the barely-visible “embossing” technique, or it can be totally visible, or not there at all.
Athena name and date

And I put it all together and your Doggie is now “Fine Art” (this has my Watermark diagonally across it – your versions would not, of course)
COST?  To get it to this stage and provide the image to you:  $25 to $50 … one dog is probably only going to be $25.
yankee doodle final unframed LOW WM

For that price I will provide the finished piece to you as a High Resolution Jpeg File of whatever size you want.   You can then have it printed anywhere you want.  Or you can have me take care of the Printing and send it to you.  Or you can have me make it into a “Print Mounted to Wood” and send that to you.
I can also List your image into my Zazzle Shop and from there you (or I) can place the image onto any of hundreds of products…. Mugs, Throws, Clothing, Pet clothing!, Door Mats or Canvas! Like this Canvas Wrap version, which is really special.  Don’t try to create the Canvas by yourself (it’ll drive you nuts) I have to make a special version of the art in order for the Edges to work)

Pup Pillow

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