By: Carol Garrasi  Florida Correspondent and Travel with Dogs Editorgrey2.jpg
With 69% of Florida voters in favor of banning dog racing, the state will be adopting the resolution to put an end to Greyhound racing by December 31st 2020. Among dog enthusiasts this is by far the most satisfying victory of election day. For years animal rights groups have fought to end this cruel and inhumane entertainment.  Track owners have frequently been sighted for providing less than adequate living conditions for these elegant athletes. Many of the racing Greyhounds are considered to have outlived their usefulness by as young as three years old. Bruce “Big Bruno” Cohen, animal rights activist, comments; “On Tuesday November 6, 2018 the voters of Florida sent a message to the world that animal cruelty will no longer be tolerated. Thousands of dogs either die or are killed each year as a result of the dog racing industry. This is not okay. My hope is that these dogs will now have the opportunity to live out their lives on a comfortable couch sleeping next to their furever family watching TV.”
With the passage of this bill a new problem arises. On January 1, 2021 thousands of greyhounds will be in need of good homes. If you’re interested in adopting one of these gentle, loving dogs contact either of the following agencies; Friends of Greyhounds or Elite Greyhound Adoptions South Floridacp12
They can put you in touch with the appropriate resource.

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