Advertise in the Wagadilly Times

for sale dign

Have something to offer to the readers of The Wagadilly Times?  let them know!    cDAc


Established Companies and Professionals are very Welcome, but You DO NOT have to be a “big, official company” !  If you make things that would appeal to Dog Lovers,  YOU QUALIFY TO ADVERTISE  WITH US!

Products and Services adverts will appear here :  SHOP the Wagadilly General Store! or The Wagadilly Times Community Pages.          

 We run Adverts Seasonally;

Spring (March, April, May) , Summer (June, July, Aug), Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) and Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

and each “Season” costs $25.   We are flexible and casual about this.  We’ll begin running your ad whenever you have submitted it, if that gives you extra weeks for your $25 – no problem.

How to get you ad in:       FIRST, YOU HAVE TO “FOLLOW” US !                                                          feather                                                  1.  Email and show us how you want your Ad to appear.   It will be handled by Anna who has many years of experience with these things – she’ll help with Content and Text, if you want and will also help with your Graphics ( free of charge if it’s simple, maybe a little charge if you’re more particular).   If you have your Text and Graphics ready – just send them in your Email. (send Graphics as JPEG please)

arrow 2. Once we’re all set on your Ad, we’ll send you a PayPal Invoice that will include an Attached Image of your ad and it’s text – double check it and make sure we have everything right. This invoice will also state when your Ad will run, and when it will expire.

good dog 3. You pay the PayPal invoice (you do not even need to have a PayPal account for this! the Invoice will show you how to pay with any debit card, credit card, bank account or whatever you want. And we never see any of your account info.  That’s what makes PayPal so safe!) and we place your gorgeous Ad!

treats 4. Four times a year, a few weeks before each of the “Seasons”, we’ll contact all advertisers and see if you want to do the next Season.  YOUR AD FEE DOES NOT “AUTO RENEW” ! PayPal doesn’t even have that capability.   You absolutely WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANOTHER SEASON WITHOUT YOUR SPECIFIC  REQUEST!

arrowOf course, you also can choose to run your ad for a Full Year at once, if you prefer.  And we’ll state in the PayPal Invoice your beginning and ending times, so that your have this documentation of our commitment to you!

coneIf you just have some individual dog-related items you want to sell, then Email us with your Ad and we’ll place it in

The Wagadilly Times Community Pages – DO include photos (JPEG please, and not too large).   This is Free of Charge and you should provide whatever contact method you want inquirers to use.  Use common sense and a bit of caution, as you would if placing a Craig’s List Ad.  We just print the Ad for you, everything else is between you and your Buyer.




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