Quick Tip. Go to the Vet – Without Your Pet



Did you know that most vets – (most COOPERATIVE vets, that is) will and should – let you bring only a Specimen, when appropriate?  If the concern is about one of the Three P’s:  Poop, Pee or Puke , then most of the time – all they really need (at least for the initial screening) is the specimen, and not the Dog.  This would be true of cases of suspected Intestinal Parasites, (“worms”).  Take the Poo, leave the Pup at home, ask for a “Fecal Float”  (that’s the name of the test and will make it sound like you know what you’re talking about !)  and save an Office Visit charge.   Ask for a few specimen containers the next time you’re at the vet and have them on hand.

Update on the Dog Medication Order

The day I posted about Vet Meds for Pets (a few posts down) I decided to place an order, just to be sure they still were performing well.  And they are.  What I ordered got here in about four days and I got Order Confirmation and Tracking in my email.  I ordered Canine All Wormer, which seems to be the current version of “Drontal”, just to have it on hand.    pet supplies
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