How I Triumph Over Fleas & Ticks. Phase Two: ON the Dogs.

Recently Adopted, Suzie with her new "Big Sister", Angel
Recently Adopted, Suzie with her new “Big Sister”, Angel

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My Yard
: Three (totally dog-proof fenced) Acres of Woods!
Dogs Lifestyle: I have a Dog Door (it’s the Key To Happiness) All dogs can race in and out as they choose, and play in our Woods (except when I leave for errands. then I shut them off from the Woods; they still have the house and the Dog Door and a nice sized yard, but it’s a much smaller section)
The Number of Fleas on My Dogs: ZERO
The Number of Ticks on my Dogs: Maybe 1 or 2 per dog per year!
Amount I Spend on Flea & Tick Prevention: ABOUT TEN DOLLARS TOTAL PER MONTH

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