You’ve Got to be Shedding Me !

HoneyBear enjoying a great scratch
HoneyBear enjoying a great scratch

Time for that Winter coat to come off and to bare it all for Summer!  Have you tried a SHEDDING BLADE? Wow it makes it SO much easier!  because it’s not “bristles”  – they get so full of fur so fast it’s almost futile.  This is a blade with teeth, so the fur just floats off and you never have to be picking it out of a brush. 
Cost: Only about $5 to $10… I SHED YOU NOT !  

There are plenty for Sale on Ebay and most any Pet or Farm Supply store.
I recommend the kind that comes apart and can be used straight, as well as curved – the pictures will explain what I mean.   You’ll get no resistance from your Pooch… it’s THE BEST SCRATCH EVER!  
* scatter the fur outside – birds will use it for their nests  IMGP4002lower IMGP4000lowerIMGP4003lower


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