Puppyhood Can Make You Crazy


Puppyhood can Make You Crazy

Four Reasons My Puppy can Make Me Crazy – and Thoughts on How to Deal With it.

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While visiting a Festival with me, Puppy Chalupa napping… in a French Fry tray!
He defies the laws of physics: Ever heard the law of physics “what goes up must come down”? Little Chalupa has been growing up in many ways and has learned a lot of new tricks. One of them is getting up the stairs – he’s great at it and he loves doing it! But the getting back down is a bit of a problem…  He simply can’t do it! He’ll run upstairs happy as a clam several times an hour, then stand up there crying, whining and screaming until someone comes to carry him back down. This means spending a lot of the day running up and down the stairs to get him back to the first floor of my house.  For people like me, who frequently work from home, that’s a major problem!
He eats better than me: My dogs get both breakfast and dinner, but since they are so to-die-for adorable, they wind up getting loads of treats from just about everyone. Obviously, they get table scraps. No matter what is cooking you can be sure they’ll get a taste – chicken, salad, fancy steak – they get it from someone or another! But that’s not the half of it. When they go to the bank they get doggie biscuits from the teller, if we go to run errands at dog-friendly shops they get showered in doggie cookies, even my mom’s house is dangerous (she gives so many treats we’ve dubbed her Grandma Bones!). Yep, my boys are totally spoiled in the food department.  pink treats

Puppy Class – Potty Training Success

By Emily Ridder-Beardsley
Puppy Page Editor

CHALUPA Photo courtesy of Rhonda Gregorio gregoriophotography.com
Photo courtesy of Rhonda Gregorio

This is my new baby, the to-die-for-adorable, Chalupa, who I Adopted two weeks ago.  When they are this precious, it’s not too hard to have patience… and patience IS needed!
One of the most difficult parts of puppydom – especially for first time dog owners – is potty training! Yes, it’s messy. No, it doesn’t always go as planned. YES, you can conquer it!
Don’t get bogged down by pet stores trying to sell you expensive solutions, there are DIY ways to take on the problem without spending a lot of cash.
The first step, and in many cases the most difficult, is time commitment. Make sure your puppy gets lots of outside time (when I adopted my first puppy, Pesto, I actually trained him to learn the words “Outside Time” and “Inside Time” – which was very helpful to me because he knew exactly what I was asking!).
The second, and perhaps most important is to remember to be patient! Getting angry with your puppy for having accidents will never help in the training process.
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