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Have Dog – Will Travel!

                                        by our Travel (with dogs) Editor, Carolgood dog

dog friendly hotels

Fortunately for us, Dog Owners, as a “Consumer Group” have become very well recognized!  The world is becoming dog-friendlier by the day and many hotel chains are recognizing the benefits of offering no cost or low-cost accommodations for their four legged guests.
When we travel domestically we try to seek out a Red Roof Inn for our overnight stay. Though not a five star chain, we find their pet policy the most accommodating. There is never a charge or deposit for your pet and many of the newer properties have substituted carpets for easy to clean tile or laminate floors – so smart!  There is always an area set aside for walking your dogs and at many locations doggy pick-up bags are provided. Since many other guests have their dogs with them, the occasional bark here or there is tolerated and understood.
When looking for a pet-friendly motel the internet is your best source. Most places list their pet policy somewhere on their website. Before booking make sure you understand your hotel’s requirements clearly or you may find yourself with unexpected additional charges.

PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS                                             RED ROOF INN                     HELPFUL LINKS

dog friendly hotels

Next Week: dog parks!

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