Adoption Fees! How to Adopt a Dog for a Reasonable Fee

Rescue Dog

Kindof’ makes you crazy, doesn’t it!  One and Two Hundred dollars to Adopt a dog from a Shelter, and 10-page Adoption Forms – when we know how desperate the need is to find homes for dogs!   *** see note at the very bottom of post before commenting.
HOW TO ADOPT FOR A REALLY LOW FEE:   Adopt from a County “Pound” or “Shelter”, especially one in a poor and/or rural area.                                                      Example: Last Summer I fell in Love with Cricket when I saw her at the Facebook Page: Adopt a Shelter Dog – Save a Life. She was in a High-Kill Shelter (their Dog capacity is 16 dogs… when dog number 17 arrives, then someone is going to be killed – unless someone gets Adopted). I drove a heck of a long way – I got to the tiny Shelter, I walked in,  I signed a Form, I paid $20 Adoption Fee and $50 Spay/Neuter Deposit,  they handed me Cricket and we left.  End of story!   And the $50 Spay/Neuter Deposit is reimbursed after you have it done.
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